NSC:DS25CP102Q Datasheet

PowerWise DS25CP102Q 2x2 LVDS交叉开关提供业界最佳的抖动性能(6ps 典型值,3.125Gbps传输率)。此外,这款交叉点开关电路还提供发送端预加重及接收端均衡两种功能可供选择,以延长信号通过电缆或FR-4 底板的传送距离。该芯片采用16引脚的LLP®封装。如欲进一步查询相关资料或订购样品及评估电路板,可浏览 http://www.national.com/pf/DS/DS25CP102Q.html

AECQ-100 Grade 3
DC - 3.125 Gbps low jitter, low skew, low power operation
Pin configurable, fully differential, non-blocking architecture
Pin selectable transmit pre-emphasis and receive equalization eliminate data dependant jitter
Wide Input Common Mode Voltage Range allows DC-coupled interface to CML and LVPECL drivers
On-chip 100Ω input and output termination minimizes insertion and return losses, reduces component count and minimizes board space
8 kV ESD on LVDS I/O pins protects adjoining components
Small 4 mm x 4 mm LLP-16 space saving package

Automotive display applications
Clock and data buffering and muxing
OC-48 / STM-16
SD/HD/3GHD SDI Routers