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美国国家半导体致力于开发各种高能源效率的模拟及混合信号半导体产品。采用该公司 PowerWise®产品的系统可以减少功耗,延长电池寿命,以及耗散更少热能。美国国家半导体总公司设于美国加州圣塔克拉拉(Santa Clara),截至2008年5月25日为止的2008 年财政年度的营业额达18.9亿美元。有关美国国家半导体的公司资料及产品介绍,欢迎查阅该公司的网页,网址:www.national.com/CHS


National Semiconductor Corporation Regional Headquarters

World Headquarters
2900 Semiconductor Dr.
P.O. Box 58090
Santa Clara, California
USA 95052-8090
(408) 721-5000

Japan Headquarters
5th Floor, Beside Kiba Bldg
2-17-16 Kiba, Koto-ku
Tokyo 135-0042

European Headquarters
Livry-Gargan-Str. 10
D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck
+49(0)8141 35-0

Asia Pacific Headquarters
2501 Miramar Tower
1 Kimberley Road
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong

US Design Centers
Arlington, Texas
Calabasas, California
Chandler, Arizona
Federal Way, Washington
Fort Collins, Colorado
Grass Valley, California
Indianapolis, Indiana
Longmont, Colorado
Norcross, Georgia
Phoenix, Arizona
Rochester, New York
Salem, New Hampshire
San Diego, California
South Portland, Maine
Tucson, Arizona

Delft, Netherlands
Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany
Greenock, Scotland
Kemi, Finland
Oulu, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia

Bangalore, India
Hangzhou, China (joint w/ Zhejiang University)
Hong Kong, China
Seoul, Korea
Taipei, Taiwan
Tokyo, Japan
Arlington, Texas
Greenock, Scotland
Melaka, Malaysia
South Portland, Maine
Suzhou, China

Tokyo Headquarters
5th Floor,
Beside Kiba Bldg
2-17-16 Kiba,
Tokyo 135-0042

TEL: 81-3-5639-7300
FAX: 81-3-5639-7502

Nearest Subway Station: Kiba on Tozai Line (Use Exit No.3)

美国国家半导体致力于开发各种高能源效率的模拟及混合信号半导体产品。采用该公司 PowerWise®产品的系统可以减少功耗,延长电池寿命,以及耗散更少热能。美国国家半导体总公司设于美国加州圣塔克拉拉(Santa Clara),截至2008年5月25日为止的2008 年财政年度的营业额达18.9亿美元。有关美国国家半导体的公司资料及产品介绍,欢迎查阅该公司的网页,网址:www.national.com/CHS

National Quick Facts
Founded: 1959
Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Chief Executive Officer: Brian L. Halla
Employees: 7,300
Stock Exchange, Listing Symbol
New York Stock Exchange: NSM
Fiscal Year: June to May
FY 2008 Sales: $1.89 billion
Unexpired U.S. patents: 3,100
Number of products: 15,000+
High-Performance Analog Makes the Difference

National Semiconductor creates high-performance, analog intensive solutions that differentiate customers' products by providing more energy efficiency, precision, portability, better audio and sharper images in electronics systems. Analog technologies are the essential link between the digital world of ones and zeroes and the real world of light, sound, temperature, speed, and pressure. National's leading-edge analog portfolio features the world's most popular audio and operational amplifiers, interface technologies, data converters, and power management solutions for applications including cellular handsets, displays, communications infrastructure, and electronics such as medical, automotive, and test and measurement devices.

Leader in Power Management
A market share leader in power regulators, National specializes in sub-1V to 100V system-level solutions that provide a combination of performance/efficiency, thermal management, and board space savings. National introduced the industry's first LDO (low dropout) linear regulator and the innovative Simple Switcher® products that transformed power supply design and improved time to market. National's power management circuits are found in everything from handheld battery-powered devices to higher-voltage systems such as those in automobiles, servers, telecom equipment, and industrial products.

Proven Analog Leadership
National is the industry expert when it comes to linear integrated circuits. National is a market leader in amplifiers, including precision and high-speed op amp solutions as well as high-speed data conversion and thermal management products.

National also revolutionized the industry with the LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) interface technology that has become the de facto standard in high-speed interface connections chip-to-chip, board-to-board, and box-to-box. And as the leading provider of audio amplifier systems, National works closely with all of the major cellular handset manufacturers, developing new products such as the highly integrated "Amp in a Mic" and the world's first ceramic speaker driver for credit-card-thin cell phones.

PowerWise® Products for Energy-Efficient Designs
National's PowerWise® brand reflects the company's energy efficient product portfolio. The PowerWise line identifies products with outstanding performance-to-power ratios and helps design engineers identify optimal solutions for energy-efficient systems.